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    Party Today, Function Tomorrow - Orientation Week 2005

    By sianm
    Feb 19, '05 6:41 PM EST

    Hitting the clubs on a weekday used to be a sport for alcoholics and the unemployed, but these days everyone's doing it. It helps that most bars and clubs now have “nights” with everything from cheap drinks and strippers to retro and house.

    If you are going to go out for a big one during the week and you have a job of some description or class that you are expected at the next morning, there are a few things you can do to ensure some brain activity by 8 am.

    DRINK LOTS- Water that is, not alcohol. If you're dancing fairly solidly, you should be drinking about 600 ml of the clear stuff an hour (that's one PUMP-sized bottle). If you've taken any drugs, make sure you are drinking enough – dehydration can be dangerous.

    - Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks, they'll not only make you stay up long after you get home, they will also increase the effects of dehydration

    - Alternate alcohol and water

    - Stop drinking at least a few hours before you want to go home

    DON'T MIX- Drugs and drugs
    - Drugs and alcohol
    - Pregnancy, drugs and/or alcohol
    - Cocaine and sex (impotence is a common side-effect)
    - Large quantities of legal drugs eg: The BOMB, One4b, Redz etc”¦
    - Amphetamines (Speed etc..) and an empty stomach - unless you want to completely wreck your insides
    - Alcohol, drugs and driving – they say don't operate machinery or drive for a reason, you're all fucked up and your body has to recover.

    POST-GETTING BACK HOME- Have a drink – water is good, but an electrolytic drink like Powerade is best

    - Eat some multivitamins to replace what you have lost

    - Have some OJ or Berocca to up your Vitamin B and C levels

    - SLEEEEEEPPPPP because a little is better than none

    - Eat some food – bananas will kick start your brain matter and carbs are great (bread, rice, pasta etc”¦) Make it a banana sammie

    - Chill out – listen to some lounge or have a chat with friends, just as long as you're not moving too much

    - Don't take more drugs – using sleeping pills will just make you feel more wasted when you get to work/class

    - Have an energy drink – not ideal but at least you'll feel a bit more alive

    LONG TERM Try a health shop for amino acids and other vitamin formulations that help repair some of the damage from partying

    Don't go hard EVERY week – give yourself a break once a month or so and just chill out at a movie or something. It's cheaper and you won't feel like shit in the morning.
    If the comedown period is lasting longer than usual, St Johns Wart is a natural alternative to taking more drugs to combat depression.

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