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    ARCH 311 Begins

    By sianm
    Feb 20, '05 10:44 PM EST

    The big guy upstairs has spoken, and we're listening...

    Step away from that computer, and get back to basics - Embrace that graphite.... now where did I place that blasted pencil...

    According to the course outline, this semester "focuses on the architectural idea, the certain amount of autonomy as a form generator". This course also investigates what can occur when a design project is modified (by changing some of the parameters) in responce to the context that it needs to be associated with.

    There will be three projects:

    Project #1- Imagination:
    A Three week Ultimate Bach House in a coastal environment.
    Project #2- Conceptualisation (Part 1):
    House on the Waterfront
    Project #3- Inhabitation and Refinement (Part 2):
    House on the Waterfront - Redeveloping the concept

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