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    University Etiquette (Lessons I've learnt so far)

    By sianm
    Feb 13, '05 6:35 PM EST

    1. Leave your prejudices at high school. No one has time to listen to your unintelligent remarks about things you don't understand. Get wise or get pushed out.

    2. If you bitch about people behind their backs, no one will care. The person who you bitch to probably won't ever sit next to you in class again and everyone will know they don't like you. Shame.

    3. Don't talk in a lecture or tutorial. Be considerate of other people around you. If you want to sit yakking to your old high school buddies get a six-pack and sit in a park because that's what teenagers do. No one has the desire to listen to your bullshit banter.

    4. Turn the mobile phone OFF. Everyone has a mobile phone so you're not special. You will get asked to leave by the lecturer and your face will be burnt into their memory.

    5. If your university has an elevator, don't get it in if it's full. Wait for the next one. YOU CANNOT FIT.

    6. Watch what you say in an elevator, you never know who is standing next to you.

    7. Get to class early. Lecturers will remember and like you if you're on time. They will remember and despise you if you're late.

    8. Tell the truth. If you haven't done an assignment don't make up a stupid excuse as to why you haven't done it. Simply do it or face the music. You will be dealing with someone who has a PHD – don't insult their intelligence because you will not get what you want.

    9. Remember that everybody's different and so are you. You're allowed to be different at university and it's encouraged. Dye your hair blue, pink or shave it all off because no one will give a shit. Express yourself if you want to, but it you don't, then try to be open minded to those who do.

    10. Last but not least, have fun, but not at the expense of others. Become your own person and be kind. Everyone's entitled to be there and that includes you.

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    • dan beckmann

      Thanks for no.8 - it's always gotten on my nerves when people try to get their grades changed on something - be it a minor assignment or test or move a date or whatever - I always feel that if I were the prof., I'd be like "no way, everybody else got it in, and if there were issues you should have said something earlier." (There are, of course, exceptional circumstances, but have the courtesy towards your classmates to say something outside of class.)

      Feb 15, 05 10:03 pm

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