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    we aren't just architecture students

    By Sarah
    Feb 7, '05 2:40 AM EST

    Last Friday, our student council hosted our annual Faculty of Architecture Kaufeehaus. This event brings students from all years and disciplines together to share their many talents. Our main gallery ('CentreSpace') is transformed into a lounge - complete with couches, space to mingle, and a stage with a piano. Interior design students supplied decorative lighting fixtures, while architecture students livened the walls with their black-and-white photography. It was a good chance for students to talk to people outside of their own class, and to see some of the work that has been done in the past month. Students got dressed up, and sat around drinking martinis while watching the people who were confident enough (....or drunk enough) to perform their talents in front of the large audience. There were a wide range of talents, including singing, dancing, and comedy. Unfortunatly, I do not have any pictures to post because I was upstairs most of the night washing martini glasses, or behind the bar serving drinks.
    The event also featured a fundraiser for cancer research. Student vollunteers offered to have their hair cut 'architecturally' in exchange for donations. Even one of the critics was brave enough to participate in this late-night event.
    All in all, it was nice to have a night away from school work, but it is crazy how I feel so far behind after taking just one night off. Our class has moved our studio downtown for this month where we are building full-scale models of our current studio project. Hopefully I can elaborate on that soon. There is so much to do before Spring Break (Friday).
    Let the all-nighters begin!


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      people dressed in black, getting drunk on vodka and commenting on black and white pictures of architectural work, occasionally making a fool of themselves in front of and audience?

      sounds pretty achitecture student-like to me!

      Feb 7, 05 8:30 am
      David Cuthbert


      Feb 7, 05 3:00 pm

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