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    welcome to my blog

    By Sarah
    Jan 29, '05 10:54 PM EST

    I guess I'll get started by welcoming you to my blog. This is one of those many things that I committed to during Christmas break when I was lost without school projects to do, and now I'm wondering how I ever thought I would have the time for it....

    The University of Manitoba is situated in Winnipeg, and is home to about 17,000 students. The Faculty of Architecture has about 275 students studying architecture, landscape archiecture, interior design, and city planning. I am currently in the final semester of a Bachelor of Environmental Design degree - specializing in Architecture. Here's a picture of my school:


    Our schedule is a bit unorthadox this semester. Our Technology course ran during the first week of January. We spent eight hours a day, 5 days a week learning all about HVAC systems, and green building. Although this might sound a bit boring, I found that the the time just flew by. I'd much rather learn about air quality than Le Corbusier's theories. Who knew that duct work could be so interesting?

    When Technology was over, we started studio and theory and CAD. We will also be taking a history course during March.

    We have had only two weeks of studio, and we just finished our first assignment. We did a series of photos, drawings, paintings, and recordings that depict the way that light and sound interact with architecture. We explored buildings around Winnipeg (of course all the sunny days have to be -30C) to help us see the importance of designing to enhance sound and light patterns. This is something that I never really considered before, but definately will now.


    • drs

      Hello there... Sounds like quite an unusual course. Hope you have time to keep us updated about the joys of HVAC! Would like to see how your assignment turned out....


      Jan 30, 05 10:27 am

      hey sarah !!!!!!

      i wanted to ask you something about the social life there at UoM, i am from india and i am going to starts my masters there , from fall 2011. i wanted to know ,about the college life and other outdoor activities..


      Apr 5, 11 12:43 am

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