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    Pics from Vicenza and Venice

    By Andy from Syracuse
    Oct 18, '04 7:24 AM EST

    I took 541 pics this weekend, thanks to my new 512 mb flash card. Here are a few:

    Villa Rotunda, Palladio.


    Acqua alta at the Querina Stampalia, Scarpa.


    Some tourists trying to get around the Piazza San Marco.


    Chiesa San Marco foyer. The flood waters made it up the stairs.


    San Giorgio Maggiore, Palladio.


    My friend Desi, who's been bugging me because I hadn't put any pictures of her up here.


    Pics from the Biennale coming later.

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    • TED

      thought the floods were only in spring?

      interesting how the total patterns of movement public space change with water....

      Oct 18, 04 9:51 am  · 

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