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    More pics - Como, Milan and Torino

    By Andy from Syracuse
    Sep 22, '04 10:49 AM EST

    This weekend's trip was 3 days to Como, Milan and Torino. A few of the things we saw:

    The lake at Como. They tell me this was where the filmed some scenes in Star Wars 2.


    War memorial by Sant'Elia, executed by Terragni. Both were from Como. (Other famous Comians include both Plinys and Volta, the guy who invented the first battery.)


    Inside the elementary school Terragni designed.


    Staircase in the Casa Del Fascio. Cause you've all seen the facade but the interior is more interesting (and less fascist).


    Church in Milan. I've been to so many churches recently they all become a blur.


    View from the top of the Duomo in Milan. Very cool place, highly recommended. Not to be confused with the Duomo in Florence - actually, most Italian cities have a church called the Duomo, it means "house" as in "house of God", not dome as in Brunellesci's dome.


    The Galleria in Milan. Early example of an iron-and-glass roof, a few years after the Crystal Palace.


    Model on display in the Galleria. Milan is currently running a few competitions for different parts of the city, and there is a display here of a lot of the work. Pei, Cobb, Freed already won one of them. (This is as much as I could figure out from the Italian text.)


    View from the top of the Mole in Torino. This is an interesting building, took a couple of decades in the mid-19th century to build, used to be the world's tallest masonry structure until they put in a concrete frame to reinforce it. You get to the top by taking a 40-story glass elevator with no shaft through the center of a large space (it was originally designed as a synagogue).


    Helipad structure on top of the Fiat factory in Torino - this is the factory from your Survey Of The History Of Architecture class that has a race track on the roof. Renzo Piano did the renovations to turn it into Italy's largest shopping mall. The helipad assembly is inspired by the Klingon Vor'Cha class battleship from Star Trek: The Next Generation. You can jog on the roof, and there's a very expensive looking restaurant up there.


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