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    The Game of Architecture

    Jorge Ruiz
    Apr 12, '21 2:43 PM EST

    Great basketball players don’t become great players overnight. Just like great architects don’t become great architects overnight. It begins with understanding the game, learning the fundamentals, and breaking down footage. This strategy applies to both basketball and the practice architecture. I will discuss how we can use basketball as a way of studying architecture and becoming more knowledgeable of what came before us and how we can apply it to improve our craft.

    Understanding the Game

    In order to become successful in the development of our craft we need to understand what we’re getting into. There should be something in the back of our minds guiding us with the reasons why we’re doing what we’re doing for choosing this profession and understanding it to have a fulfilling career. Not only are we going to be dedicating a good amount of our time into it. We are also going to want to know where we want to improve in and want to be great at.


    Every basketball video that I’ve seen over the years about improving your game always brings up mastering the fundamentals. To become a well-rounded player mastering the fundamentals is crucial because everything begins from knowing the basics. You can then be able to create moves and styles of your own because they derive from mastering the fundamentals. In terms of architecture this is also crucial. Since we are still students and lifetime leaners knowing the many architectural design styles that existed before will definitely improve our design skills and teach us to potentially create an architectural style of our own.

    Analyzing Footage

    One important task that these players do to achieve the level they want to reach is by consistently studying the game and learning from others who were great players before them. It seems so simple, but there is a certain level of focus to push yourself to become great. Chris Paul one of the leagues greatest passers studies John Stockton’s game the leagues number one all time assist leader. Breaking down footage and studying the way he played the game to improve his own game. Just like we should in our career in architecture. Learning from those that done amazing things in the past. Certain Architects or firms have mastered specific aspects of architecture that each of us can find an interest in and learn from to have success. 

    In conclusion, the same process of becoming a great player can help you become great at your craft. It's only up to you to decide how much you want it. It takes a lot to be in the hall of fame, but it's not impossible. 

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