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  • A World of Play

    Jorge Ruiz
    May 3, '21 2:52 PM EST

    Evergreen Park

    Evergreen Park

    For a good amount of time in my life, I’ve played basketball passionately. I have a deep love for the sport. Basketball has always been a recurring topic in all the things I do. One of my greatest memories growing up was the summer of 8th grade because I was playing daily with the intentions to elevate my game to join the basketball team my freshman year of high school. I would play two or three times a day, rotating from park to park to play against anyone who was on a basketball court. I would never forget how great I felt doing something every single day that brought me so much joy.

    Fast forwarding to the present time, it’s pretty saddening seeing some of the places that I’ve made so many great memories become abandoned and unloved. The rims, the nets, and even the floor is not in such good condition like they used to. These places can be in a bad condition where it’s not safe or fun to play in anymore.

    A Goal 

    Thinking about the future is sometimes intimidating because it’s filled with so much uncertainty. But one thing I am certain of is that I will use my abilities in this profession to look out for these places that as kids growing up mean so much to us. I want to renovate the places that already exist and create not just basketball courts but make more areas of play for all sports. Have them be accessible, safe and enjoyable spaces for everyone.

    I have strong feelings about this topic because nowadays in a world where we’re more technology driven, from what I seen is that kids are sometimes glued to the tablet, phone, TV, etc. They’re not being the kids they need to be because they’re stuck on technology from an early age. Technology is one reason, but another reason can be because there aren’t enough accessible places for kids to go out and play sports. Or there aren’t enough places where the parents of those kids feel safe about their kids going out to play sports.

    What If

    Here in Los Angeles, there are thousands of vacant lots. Some that I’ve seen from my entire life time living here continuously being empty for years. All throughout the city you can spot at least one vacant lot and many of them within the same community. It would be amazing if one day we can use these lots to create a place where a kid and be a kid. For them to enjoy playing sports with their friends or families in locations where they can feel safe and its closer to their communities and homes. It would also be a beautiful feeling to have multiple places where people no matter what gender, race, ethnicity, language you speak, etc can come together to play the sport we all deeply enjoy and make us happy. 

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  • The Game of Architecture

    Jorge Ruiz
    Apr 12, '21 2:43 PM EST

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    Jorge Ruiz
    Mar 15, '21 7:14 PM EST

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    Jorge Ruiz
    Feb 24, '21 1:45 PM EST

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