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    Thank You Architecture School

    Jorge Ruiz
    Mar 15, '21 7:14 PM EST

    From my time at architecture school so far there has been so many lessons that I have learned aside from the profession of architecture. I have had professors say that architecture is somewhat of a gateway profession. Branching out to do something else that you’re interested in that was sparked from architecture school is okay. There has been many iconic people that have studied within the realm of architecture that have later on found themselves doing something else. I believe it is the level of thinking that has for sure led them to discover an inventiveness opportunity in their own interest.


    Virgil Abloh a well-known icon for his brand Off-White started his career with studying architecture. He has then branched out and has created so much from furniture, performance sets, art works, and graphic design projects. He has collaborated with big names and has great success. His combination of ideas of streetwear, luxury, art, music and travel has definitely changed the way we see things now. Virgil is definitely an example that shows it is okay to combine the things you are interested in and create new opportunities within them.


    I have a heavy interest in basketball and have also grown my interest in clothing. I am no expert, but I am passionate about the things I care about. I'd like to say that architecture school has definitely been a spark and is continuing to spark ideas into the things that I am interested in. It has for sure open my mind to seeing things in a different perspective. Something that is now become common because as an architecture student you sometimes have to step back and see your own work from a different perspective and sometimes as an outside critic to figure out what the project still needs to be.


    I've been working on a clothing project called “Jobbery Rejects”. It is a movement and a way of thinking. The idea behind it is becoming great at whatever you choose to do by following those first ideas that come to mind before they get altered by anyone else. It can either be the greatest idea ever or the worst idea ever, but no matter how good or bad the point is that it was your original idea and you stuck with it from beginning to end. Rejecting the jobbery and not becoming a product of someone else or something else and instead becoming great from your raw imaginations. In other words, Jobbery Rejects is a community of individuals who create their own waves; follow their own visions created by their raw imaginations that aspire them to become great.

    First Hand Embroidered Sample Hoodie Created in March 2020.

    Jobbery Rejects x WACK (With All Creative Knowledge)

    Jobbery Rejects x WACK (With All Creative Knowledge) Back View.
    Jobbery Rejects x WACK (With All Creative Knowledge) Front View.


    I do not see myself completely abandoning my study in architecture, but I also do see myself making a dent in the things that I am barely scratching the surface of in term of this clothing project. I like to thank architecture school specifically because it has definitely opened a whole new process that I have incorporated in the development of the things I am also trying to do outside of architecture school. I also encourage anyone reading this to peruse the things you are interested in and incorporate all those things into one collaborative piece. From the different versions of yourself inspired by all your interests and see something amazing come out of it! 

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