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  • We are America | A Call to Action

    By BuildingSatire
    Dec 11, '12 12:43 PM EST

    We are America | A Call to Action By Jamel Williams On December 11, 2012 Now that we have made it through the obligatory familial togetherness of the overwhelming uncommercial Thanksgiving holiday, we, as Americans, can finally focus on what matters most. We can now turn our... View full entry

  • Fashion ARCHetypes | Breaking Stereotypes

    By BuildingSatire
    Dec 4, '12 12:17 PM EST

    Mr. Ingels, we applaud you — for showing us your wardrobe consists of more than a black slim-fit blazer. Perhaps we had you all wrong. Behold, the new face of couture: Waldo the architect. Special thanks to Finn Nørkjær’s Facebook for this gem... View full entry

  • Embodied Energy [A Short Story]

    By BuildingSatire
    Nov 29, '12 1:52 PM EST

    "The sin of an aluminum can was seldom ever greater." By Joseph Varholick On November 28, 2012 Embodied Energy [A Short Story] There once was a time, and it was last Thursday, when an aluminum cylinder was drained of all purpose-giving substance and was then discarded into abysmal darkness... View full entry

  • Fashion ARCHetypes | Sartorial Satire

    By BuildingSatire
    Nov 28, '12 1:00 PM EST

    Fashion ARCHetypes | Sartorial Satire By  Tom Einspahr On November 22, 2012  on Building The Minimalist The Minimalist stays clear of color, instead opting to wear only shades of grey. If they must wear colors it must be muted and desaturated. Button up shirts are a must... View full entry

  • Let’s be REAL | And Don’t Waste My Time

    By BuildingSatire
    Nov 13, '12 1:21 PM EST

    Passion and pay don't come easy.   Let’s be REAL | And Don’t Waste My Time By Parrhesia On November 13, 2012 on Building   To all my struggling brothers and sisters out there, this one’s for you. Dear Management, I’m typically not one to complain... View full entry

  • Oscar the Soul Collector

    By BuildingSatire
    Nov 11, '12 5:10 PM EST

    By The Rafaie On October 17, 2012   He's got the whole world in His hand     Oscar circa 637 souls   Oscar circa 156 souls     Oscar circa 48 souls     View full entry

  • Contemporary Art | Are You Getting Enough?

    By BuildingSatire
    Nov 4, '12 5:31 PM EST

    Should contemporary art be daily? Corn Flakes are great daily. They are simple. They ask little from me psychologically or philosophically. Their bland flavor happily disappears behind thoughts of what I’ll be doing today, or what I drank last night. Contemporary art over my Corn Flakes is... View full entry

  • Architectural Wet Dreams | Part 1: The Synaesthete

    By BuildingSatire
    Oct 25, '12 7:40 AM EST

    Read Easy At: "It's like I have ESPN or something. My breasts can always tell when it's going to rain." from Mean Girls If you’ve spent any time studying phenomenology or its well-read cousin... View full entry

  • Publicscapes | The Suburban Parking Lot

    By BuildingSatire
    Oct 19, '12 6:52 AM EST

    PREFACE I wake up at 6 AM. I shower, eat a college breakfast (use your imagination), and head to Copenhagen Central Station. There I meet my friend, we board a train, and half an hour later we’re in Sweden. Lund, Sweden, to be exact—we’re going for a lecture, and surprise, Peter... View full entry

  • “Making it” in New York | Lessons Learned

    By BuildingSatire
    Oct 15, '12 3:02 AM EST

    I never thought I’d make it through, but four long years of sleepless nights and projects have suddenly come to an end. A colorful blur of sleepy memories, marked by countless moments of crying/laughing/heavily drinking every time Illustrator quit unexpectedly and Rhino crash-dumped my... View full entry

  • Costume Critique | Morbid Models

    By BuildingSatire
    Oct 10, '12 8:46 AM EST

    Bjarke as Frankenstein Zaha as Elphaba Ando as a mime Jean as Dracula Rem as Pagliacci An architect’s wardrobe typically consists of at least five shades of black and twelve shades of gray. So what is one to do for Halloween? Here are a few costumes you might be able to pull out of that... View full entry

  • Tips and Tricks | Surviving Thesis Year

    By BuildingSatire
    Oct 3, '12 10:50 PM EST

    As you begin your thesis year in architecture, you may be asking yourself, “What did I just spend the last year doing?” For those of you studying abroad, the answer may be some combination of traveling, heavy drinking, one-night stands, and arrests. Let’s give you the benefit of... View full entry

  • PSA | Existential Insides

    By BuildingSatire
    Oct 1, '12 1:37 AM EST

    This is a Public Service Announcement: I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this guy Edward Relph, but in the realm of obscure and underappreciated theorists, he’s kind of a big deal. In his perpetual awesomeness he outlined what I would argue (with my limited knowledge of the... View full entry

    This chick takes the phenomenological experience of place to the extreme—and for that I both respect and fear her.

  • Flavor for Farce | Hyper-Consumerism

    By BuildingSatire
    Oct 1, '12 1:33 AM EST

    It’s been 33 years since Jimmy Carter’s Crisis of Confidence address to the nation. Even then, we as Americans were warned of the consequences of our self-indulgence—but politicians lie! In America we do what we want, when we want, and blame foreigners when things go wrong... View full entry

  • Suspect Yourself | You Know You’re Guilty

    By BuildingSatire
    Sep 30, '12 1:57 PM EST

    Digital technologies have long been used for two sides of the same coin, both sides portrayed as morally congruent. On one side, we use for our personal enjoyment objects that augment or benefit our day-to-day lives without being completely necessary, such as the clothes in which we hide or the... View full entry

  • Dendrocide | A More Sustainable Way of Clearcutting the Rainforest

    By BuildingSatire
    Sep 28, '12 1:13 PM EST

    For those of you who enjoy the concept of “carbon offsets” and the application of Band-Aids to flesh wounds, we have a new idea for the harvest of our world’s great botanical resources. Now, messing with the rainforests comes with its share of environmental backlash. I mean... View full entry

  • Notes from a Dirty Render Boy | Entourage Celebrities

    By BuildingSatire
    Sep 19, '12 1:34 PM EST

    As I sit there on a Thursday afternoon, with the taste of last night’s ridiculous amounts of wine and even more ridiculous amounts of pizza still in my mouth and/or gut, anxiously awaiting feedback on some images we just finished for a client, I find myself excited to write for the first... View full entry

  • Monster Mash | American Folk Union

    By BuildingSatire
    Sep 19, '12 1:31 PM EST

    To the relief of many, the American Folk Art Museum in New York is staying open. (So long as funding bolsters the income from stray visitors of the MoMA.) Had the museum shut down, New York would have lost one of its greatest architectural wallflowers. But if the Williams Tsien building is ever... View full entry

  • Artist’s Corner | Peeping Todd

    By BuildingSatire
    Sep 16, '12 3:01 PM EST

    Todd Hido is an American photographer, now based in San Francisco, who has become well-known for his series on suburban homes across the US. His photos are voyeuristic depictions of theAmerica I grew up with—solemn suburbs with only shy signs of an interior life, proto-iconic suburbs lit by... View full entry

  • Annex the Airspace | Local Broadcasting

    By BuildingSatire
    Sep 16, '12 2:54 PM EST

    The time that followed our thesis show was more restless than expected. It is difficult to make a sudden transition out of “production mode.” Wanting to assign some sort of purpose to my fidgeting, I contacted a colleague, Rachel Janzen, with an idea for a type of airborne experiment... View full entry

  • Flavor for Farce | OMALORD

    By BuildingSatire
    Aug 22, '12 5:42 PM EST

    Today The OMALORD has decreed that in one week, the “Dark Days” of the world of architecture will forever be in the past (but not forgotten). The OMALORD has issued an edict that fifty nobodies be given the infinitesimally small opportunity to become one of the .07% of somebodies in... View full entry

  • After College | Architecture Playbook

    By BuildingSatire
    Aug 22, '12 5:38 PM EST

    Tips to land you that perfect job after college. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Like what you see? Visit us at Like us at View full entry

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