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  • Architecture Degree = Artist Career

    Kevin Griendling
    Apr 11, '13 2:31 PM EST

    Greetings Archinect world!

    Admittedly I have been neglectful of my Archinect blog and I do apologize but I have every intention of briefly reviewing each and every studio I have taken at Pratt at the conclusion of my thesis semester and graduation, which is this month. At the present time, however, I would like to take a moment to describe to you all my current endeavors alongside my thesis. Visual Sound Paintings.

    Visual Sound Paintings grew from an academic exploration of the human sensory projections in urban social contexts. Its primary driver grew to embody the presence of sound in social and environmental engagement. The first step was to understand the physical effect sound has in a space and by recording its presence in a liquid-static medium (paint) I discovered a representative technique that was simultaneously accurate, and beautiful.​

    ​The Sonic Reaction Suit had a series of microphone inputs that detected the level of sound in a space and returned a hue appropriate to the magnitude and direction of the source. In essence, the Sonic Reaction Suit did more than just record the sound that was in the space, it left behind a visual display of what was once an ethereal experience.

    ​Today, these explorations are now a process that captures more than cacophony, but has grown to embrace harmony. By incorporating dual inputs Visual Sound Paintings can communicate many layers of meaning. Between the construction of a musical composition and that of the artistic expression of the painter, a never before seen layer of expression is born.

    They are a painting series spatial, vibrant, and differentiated by each musical work used to create the piece as they are from their pragmatic counterpart, a high rise structure. In my thesis project paintings are used as abstract diagrammatic representations of building elements and their dynamic qualities. Static.Kinesis Kinetic.Stasis is the duality of dynamic and ambient ethereal environments.

    In its current form, there are two unique sides to this project:

    ​#1 - Performing live in front of a crowd and creating unique work that responds to the musician and fans who came to be a part of the music. Creating unique works of art that come off of the machine that are made in real-time but will outlast the momentary performance. There is honesty and truth in the creation of these works of art. There is feeling, depth, excitement, all of which can be read in the vastly different compositions that come out of the process.

    ​#2 - Creating custom works of art that are meaningful to each patron. In interviewing the purchaser of the work, the piece of music that strikes a chord in their heart can be manifested in a one of a kind, personal painting. When creating custom art, particular consideration is given to color hue, composition, form and emphasis, all in the context of a close personal relationship with the owner of each piece.

    Concerts and other live performances have a unique magic. It is a moment in time that is completely unique, shared and interpreted by each individual and the crowd as one. My project is to become part of that performance, feeding off the energy of the crowd and creating a unique piece of art, my interpretation and feeling, frozen forever in the form of a unique painted composition. I translate sound using many mediums and techniques to apply paint to a moving canvas both interpreting and reacting to the musician on stage or a recorded piece of music.

    ​For this reason I am launching this project on Kickstarter from April 8th to May 8th so that I can capture music in paintings after I've graduated from Pratt. Pratt has been incredibly generous to me, offering me a personal work space to develop this as a thesis representation technique, and allowing me to film in Memorial Hall, our largest auditorium. Kickstarter funds will make possible a studio to continue my work in and gallery show to produce as many visual paintings from as many musical inputs as possible.

    Visit the Kickstarter here:

    The Visual Sound Project is a performance art with a product, a multi-media sensation that can integrate with all fields of art, design, and production. I hope that all in the Archinect community can take a moment to view the Kickstarter page and become a part of this innovative artistic performance. Through pledging to the Kickstarter, backers can work closely with me to create a personal and custom work of art that IS your favorite music.

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    Kickstarter Campaign Video - The Visual Sound Project

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