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Aug '08 - Dec '08

  • The Ultimate Bureaucracy; Waiting for the laser-cutter..

    By eric
    Dec 3, '08 9:17 PM EST

    There is a lot i can write about at this point. Its been a while, but the only thing on my mind right now is getting a FINAL model done. Thats right- final. Our design final is in a week from today- and the countdown is on. I've decided to get my model mostly done first (minus little detailing work) and then quickly move on to drawings (sectional axons, plans, perspectives) pictures to come. Hope everything materializes... I am quite excited for this critique- the process was the most fascinating part of this project and my aim with the final model is that it will directly reflect that.

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  • Library Design: redux

    By eric
    Nov 11, '08 11:49 AM EST

    After a hefty contextual analysis of Sara D. Roosevelt Park, a handful of structural studies in the form of laminated chip-board models and a number of facade studies [many based on photos from last summer's trip to japan] I've tried to put my ideas on paper. What does a contemporary library mean... View full entry

  • Breaking the Buffer

    By eric
    Oct 12, '08 3:51 PM EST

    Here are some thoughts in regard to my site analysis (99 Bowery, New York, NY): The Bowery, despite being rich in both history and culture has become an area frequented by new Yorkers on the basis of need; i.e. an individual [with the exclusion of residents of the Bowery itself] will tend to go to... View full entry

  • Pratt Fall 2008 Lecture Series (Finally)

    By eric
    Oct 3, '08 12:34 PM EST

    They FINALLY posted the lecture lineup for Fall 2008. ANd what a lineup it is... check it: Fall 2008, Brooklyn Campus All lectures take place in the Higgins Hall Auditorium at 6pm unless otherwise noted (*). Please note schedule subject to change. John LOBELL - Author, Professor, Pratt Institute... View full entry

  • The end of the beginning.. hand drawings and books-- the future.

    By eric
    Sep 21, '08 11:58 AM EST

    So far in design ive been hand-drawing. Simply, solely and Only hand-drawing. After a crazy search for a Mayline which took me into manhattan and left me scrounging for all the accompanying parts in studio i successfully re-installed my parallel-rule. I never thought i would say that again, nor... View full entry

  • subject uno: DESIGN

    By eric
    Sep 15, '08 9:48 PM EST

    Second year design at pratt is the end of the fully theoretical- fully process based projects and the beginning of more pointed and architectural classes (i.e. very exciting). In the next few postings i will detail and give my thoughts on a few of these classes starting, of course, with design. In... View full entry

  • First Day Musings

    By eric
    Sep 2, '08 10:14 AM EST

    Before i even get into my classes i promised i would wrap up a few observations on some summer travels- i already summed up japan but wanted to briefly touch upon new orleans and the pacific northwest. On the way down to new orleans i took a route which went through virginia, maryland, the... View full entry

  • Summer Travels Unravelled

    By eric
    Aug 26, '08 1:53 AM EST

    Before school begins [next week] i wanted to briefly sum up some observations about some trips i took late this summer. I went to Japan, road tripped to new orleans, & flew down to the pacific northwest; vancouver island, seattle, portland. All very different places to say the least. Japan... View full entry

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