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  • one year later (+internship)......

    By mustafa
    Apr 19, '10 3:52 PM EST

    internship opportunity at Zaha Hadid co|de in london -

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  • serpentine take 2

    By mustafa
    Aug 8, '09 8:48 PM EST

    today i got down to this years serpentine pavilion in hyde park by SANAA for the second time and honestly i went down again because the first time i was with a group of people and i thought i had been too distracted and therefore did not manage to properly experience the pavilion and surely... View full entry

  • end of term

    By mustafa
    Jul 5, '09 2:21 PM EST

    now that the projects review is open term 3 is officially over here at the AA which means i finally have time to update the blog and there is definetly alot to update it with. Kirk has been doing a good job covering the projects review preparations, so i might be able to contribute on the... View full entry

  • maeda

    By mustafa
    May 3, '09 5:50 PM EST

    heres some pics of the maeda workshop in Hooke park which is basically the AAs workshop in the woods of dorset (an area of outstanding natural beauty- sort of a british national park) and its where students go to build large scale prototypes and use the workshop there and its large cnc machine and... View full entry

  • a short rant

    By mustafa
    May 2, '09 6:16 PM EST

    it seems the drl is having an existential problem with it trying to redefine itself with comments like 'this isnt drl' being made in reviews; and when i refer to the portion of the drl that is facing this problem it is hard to for me to define who it is; a weird mixture of a few tutors, a small... View full entry

  • RIP john street,reveiws and the bartlett

    By mustafa
    Mar 23, '09 9:31 AM EST

    just finished term 2 here at the DRL and unfortunately our review coincided with me moving house and a lack of internet so alot of stuff has happened since, more on the review shortly... have to collect some work from the other teams first and then do the post. first for anyone familiar with the... View full entry

  • candy

    By mustafa
    Feb 25, '09 7:30 AM EST

    some on the side processing stuff View full entry

  • proto q&a

    By mustafa
    Feb 14, '09 10:12 AM EST

    a question being posed within the program what constitutes a prototype in architecture? what are they expected to fulfill/ test, what criteria do you put forward to evaluate an architectural prototype View full entry

  • tutor entries

    By mustafa
    Feb 8, '09 12:03 PM EST

    i was wondering if there would be any interest if i got some of the tutors over here to write an entry or two on the blog if so suggest a topic or just express interest thanks View full entry

  • kiss my singularity

    By mustafa
    Feb 3, '09 5:59 PM EST

    ah yes, the abuse and misappropriation of words in architecture there's a lot of spinning people in their graves at the moment .... my list of favorites is definitely growing View full entry

  • lars spuybroek lecture

    By mustafa
    Jan 21, '09 8:34 PM EST

    Lars Spuybroek gave a talk in the school recently entitled the radical picturesque which accompanied his new book continuity in architecture. The book was written in such a way as to emphasis the need and lack of the written word in recent architectural discourse, during his introduction one of... View full entry

  • random2

    By mustafa
    Jan 13, '09 10:43 AM EST

    ... wayne daly zak kyes View full entry

  • is this thing on part II

    By mustafa
    Jan 7, '09 7:48 AM EST

    sorry for the long blackout term 1 has ended and term 2 is about to start and its basically been a big blur of activity. the drl has underwent a few changes with a tutor leaving and two new ones coming in and parametric urbanism ending and a new agenda starting. term1 was split into two workshops... View full entry

  • random

    By mustafa
    Nov 28, '08 9:01 AM EST

    francis bacon symposium Wayne Daly Zak Kyes View full entry

  • sorry

    By mustafa
    Oct 26, '08 1:23 PM EST

    hello its been a while since my last blog and i am sorry for that but here in the DRL we have been overwhelmed for the last three weeks with lectures, workshops, tours etc. I will try to cover what happened in these weeks in a couple of blogs but for now in a nutshell: the new agenda after... View full entry

  • adjaye + tulipwood

    By mustafa
    Sep 25, '08 8:27 PM EST

    After visiting the Gehry pavilion and having mixed reactions to it i decided to go down to southbank and visit the much smaller David Adjaye pavilion done for the London Design Festival. The pavilion sits opposite the brutal concrete mass that is the Hayward Gallery and the juxtaposition of all... View full entry

  • watch out its gehry!

    By mustafa
    Sep 19, '08 6:36 AM EST

    finally we decided to go down and see gehrys serpentine pavilion in Hyde park. since the internet including archinect has been full of images of the project i was going with many many preconceptions. initially the approach to the pavilion from the closest entrance is interesting since your view is... View full entry

  • london open house 2008

    By mustafa
    Sep 14, '08 5:30 PM EST

    Next weekend is the London open house where the public is allowed into buildings which are generally prohibited to the public, since the AA orientation is on the 22nd I will only be able to go around on the 21st. If anyone is interested in seeing any particular architectural practices, civic... View full entry

  • please mind the closing doors...

    By mustafa
    Sep 10, '08 8:56 PM EST

    hello and sorry for not having posted anything for the last few days since they have been hectic. ive been in London for almost a week now and after a nerve wrecking four days of house hunting and paperwork i finally decided to go and get a small reminder of why i came here in the first place... View full entry

  • hello (is this thing on)

    By mustafa
    Aug 19, '08 3:30 PM EST

    So, school starts in around a month but i will be moving to London in two weeks to look for a house and try to capitalize on the rising US dollar! at the moment im in dubai where ive been for 21 years and in case your wondering what an architecture school looks like in the uae more domes that you... View full entry

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