Bizhou Qian

Bizhou Qian

Toronto, ON, CA


Banquet Hall Development

This is a new development proposal for a new wedding banquet hall/ conference center to hold maximum 1200 people, with a complementary hotel on the same site. The large banquet hall need to be able to convert to various sized halls with separate accesses for each. This project is located near the intersection of Eglinton Ave. E. & Tomken Road, and it was meant to become a landmark of Mississauga. 

The design of this building plays with the idea of contrast. The exterior form of the building appears very masculine, with very expressive lines and angles, creating a grand and majestic impression as the visitors approaches. However, as they move through the lobby of the building, the expression of the building becomes much more gentle, with the natural wood finishes and smooth curves of the grand stairs, the walls and the mezzanine.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Mississauga, ON, CA
My Role: Design Support, Drawing preparation, project coordination
Additional Credits: Huy Truong - Principal Architect