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    NEW! Search by distance from a location!

    By Archinect
    Jun 25, '12 2:44 PM EST

    We're really excited to unleash our latest feature on Archinect... one of the most requested features from our users, in fact... radius searching! This new search ability is applied to the following sections:

    To give you an example of how helpful this new feature is, consider that you're looking for a job in Los Angeles - you'll want to limit your search results to all nearby job opportunities. Previously, you would had to enter a specific city, like "Los Angeles, CA, USA", into the search field, but the results would not include all the jobs in cities within, or very near, to LA, such Santa Monica, Culver City, etc. Now, however, you can enter "Los Angeles, CA, USA" and the distance from that location that you're willing to commute.

    You can still also search by country or state/province, but radius searching is only available for searching by city or town.

    We hope you enjoy this new feature!


    • cool!

      i also think it would be a good positive reinforcement feature if people could 'like' projects. probably not productive for people to comment on projects because you'd get some unwelcome critiques, but 'likes' could bring some notice to some that might not otherwise get noticed. maybe ones that gathered a lot of clicks could trend on the front page or something. 

      Jun 26, 12 7:03 am  · 

      Good idea, Steven. You can currently Facebook like a project but it would be nice to Archinect like projects too.

      Jun 26, 12 12:32 pm  · 

      i have thought exactly the same thing. Like oh let me like that, nevermind i have to Facebook like it...

      Jul 16, 12 6:43 pm  · 

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