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    Change to the Archinect portfolio project page template

    By Archinect
    Jan 12, '12 4:29 PM EST

    As many of you have informed us, the project page template for people & firm portfolios was often encountering functionality problems in the Chrome browser. We've changed the format of the project page, so this problem should now be resolved.

    As you can see in this example, a project uploaded by UNStudio, the project page now displays all project images in a single page. All of the images can be enlarged upon click. No more thumbnails and clicking through to view the images. We think most of you will prefer this format over the old format. We do!

    Have any other suggestions for this page? Tell us!

    Coming soon... add your PDF portfolio to your Archinect profile, with full-screen view!


    • wasn't there already an Archinect blog?

      Jan 12, 12 7:24 pm  · 

      "The Archinect Blog Blog" is about the blogging platform.

      Jan 12, 12 7:28 pm  · 


      Jan 13, 12 6:56 am  · 

      any reason why a search for my personal profile, that of my firm, or a search for a firm in louisville ky would result in 0 matches? is this related to the change-over? 

      Jan 13, 12 8:03 am  · 

      Steven, that should not be related at all. Where are you searching from?

      Jan 13, 12 9:56 am  · 

      Steven - we can't recreate the problem you're indicating. For example, here is a search for Louisville firms:

      And this is a search for Louisville in the People section:

      As you can see, both searches bring up the expected results. Please let us know how, specifically, you're getting problems with the search results so we can check if there are any bugs.


      Jan 13, 12 10:19 am  · 

      Interesting. Was trying those same things. Will try from a different computer. Thank you!

      Jan 13, 12 9:13 pm  · 

      You really shouldn't be getting zero results on any computer. Please let us know if you see this problem so that we can fix it. It would be a pretty severe problem that we haven't noticed yet.

      Jan 13, 12 9:19 pm  · 

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