Ballistic Architecture Machine BAM

Ballistic Architecture Machine BAM

Beijing, CN



Our client asked us to help him create a Western restaurant that celebrated the simple, honest enjoyment of food.  He wanted a space that felt comfortable as home but, like the food, could also be fantastic and exploratory.   The name L’Idiot was intended to poke fun at the haughty attitudes of many Western restaurants in Taipei.

Design Challenges:
Bridging a gap with the builders who worked on the project was a challenge.  We had to convince them to use materials in ways they had never tried, and so it was a learning process for both them and ourselves.  Ultimately the builders began to take great pride and ownership of the sculptural objects as they became more complete. 
Design Results:

The dining space does feel like a home, and the sculptural objects, like a spatial Rorschach, create unexpected and personal associations in people’s minds. People “see things” in the forms. This sense of connection and intrigue allows them to understand the space in their own way. Thus, every experience is a new and individual one, and when shared these experiences create a democracy of ideas.

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Status: Built
Location: Taipei, TW