Ballistic Architecture Machine BAM

Ballistic Architecture Machine BAM

Beijing, CN

Ai Weiwei at BAM's playground in Beijing
Ai Weiwei at BAM's playground in Beijing
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BAM was approached to provide designs for playgrounds aimed at two different age groups.

The first space is the small children's zone. The concept for this playground is to create a play room within the park space. A canopy of bright orange circles and donut shapes acts as a sun shade and casts playful shadows across the topography of the room. One enters the play area by stepping down two large wood benches, which further create a sense of enclosure and security for the young age group. A pinstripe rubber ‘carpet’ creates a soft and forgiving floor to the space. Children can choose from dozens of pieces of imported play equipment or invent their own games on the crescent shaped hill and sand area. Ideal ages for this playground are 2-7 years old.

More adventurous children aged 8 and older are welcomed further into the park to the King of the Hill playground. Taking its namesake from the children’s game, a thrilling mountain occupies the center of the space. An array of pipes, climbing holds, and climbing rope offer children a range of challenges to reach the peak. A nest-like lookout on top of the peak features two white marble slides for express routes down the mountain. Aside from the mountain the playground also includes islands featuring swings, spinners, and an additional climbing structure. To complete the whole space a mist system creates cooling clouds of vapor around the base of the mountain and in the tree canopy.


All photos of playgrounds by Jonathan Leijonhufvud

Photo of Ai Weiwei by Andy Wong/AP

(taken from New Yorker Article

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Status: Built
Location: Beijing, CN