Ballistic Architecture Machine BAM

Ballistic Architecture Machine BAM

Beijing, CN


Clamshell Carstands

In China, people love cars.  They buy them, paint them crazy colors, and drive them everywhere.  Beijing alone is adding cars at a rate of 2,000 new vehicles on the road per day.  Yes, every day.  So when BAM was approached by a client about the possibility of creating a display for the beloved automobile there was no shortage of inspiration at hand. Celebrating Beijing’s burgeoning custom car culture, the Clamshell Carstands show off all angles of your “pearl’ with a mirrored interior lit by recessed cold cathode light tubes and a shell of CNC cut bamboo plywood finished in deep matte purple paint-- a local favorite.


The stands were designed, constructed, and installed by BAM in the summer of 2011.  They can be seen in Beijing in front of 22 Art International Plaza, Building 2, just south of the CBD.  Please visit for more info on this and other projects.     

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Status: Built
Location: Beijing, CN