Athanasiou Geolas

Athanasiou Geolas

Ithaca, NY, US


Fig.03 - That then Disappear in the Building of It

Data-mining reality and visualizing the results, drawings present our opinions and visions. These documents have an implicit power that carries with it the potential delusion that a drawing is indicative of the world and not the drafter. However, a drawing’s author modifies and flattens the world until each page records a single architectural statement.

If the drawing is ever excavated back out from the building, it may serve as an archaeological map, laying out the deep recesses of expression and cavities hidden from view as they are now imagined. Like a model seen with x-ray vision, the drawing exposes a building’s constructed secrets to its reader. In Fig.03 we look at the many ways that drawings reveal and construct statements that could be, were, or are hidden in the mass of a building. We look at drawings that show what is behind a door or above a room, that depict spatial orders and social realities, and that attend to all the forgotten objects that then disappear in the building of it.

Fig. 03 features an opening essay by Carl Lostritto as well as drawings and writing by Carl LostrittoJessie Shu TianchuChris T. CorneliusJeffrey Ellse, and Molly O’Neill.


> English, September 2013
> 112 pg, 7.5in x 10in, linen-wrapped Otabind (layflat binding)
> 2-color offset printed in Canada by Westcan PG
ISBN 978-1-940623-00-9

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Additional Credits: Design / Curatorial - Jesen Tanadi