Athanasiou Geolas

Athanasiou Geolas

Ithaca, NY, US


Fig.01.2 - An Opening Statement

This second edition of Fig.01, originally published as the first issue of The Draftery’s annual print journal Figures, offers a new design and epilogue. Fig.01 introduces The Draftery’s intention to provide a limited context and focused commentary on the ways in which architectural drawings engage the world through their making. Fig.01presents drawings from five “drafters” alongside a glimpse into their personal rhetoric and drawing processes. Also, offering a critical context frame for this issue, Perry Kulper has written an original essay on “The Labor of Architectural Drawing.”

(1) “Three Years of Labor” by Jesen Tanadi and Athanasiou Geolas
(2) “A Word of Introduction” by Jesen Tanadi
(3) “The Labor of Architectural Drawing” by Perry Kulper
(4) Drawings & Drafter Statements: In the Drafter’s Own Words
(5) Index


> English, June 2014
> 88 pg, 8.5″ x 11″, perfect bound
> Four color digital printing
> On Demand Printing

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Status: Built
My Role: Editor
Additional Credits: Designer - Jesen Tanadi