Annabelle Roper

Annabelle Roper

Melbourne, AU


Organic Elegance

In this subject we explored the potential of parametric design through the brief of designing a wall installation for a ballroom. We analysed the material performance of our chosen material, felt and used these findings to create a sculptural hanging piece. Through many prototypes we developed a grasshopper algorithm that responded to the unique flexing capabilities of felt and created a bespoke product that was functional and designed to fit the modern ballroom style. The sculpture both reduced reverberated noise, and filtered light and views through the windows. The curves of the fabric reflect the flow and movement in a ballroom, with people dancing, dresses flowing and music and chatter rising and falling. Through parametric design we were able to imbue the elegance of a ballroom through controlled and organic manipulation into our final design. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Melbourne, AU
My Role: Equal Collaboration
Additional Credits: Jasmin Goldberg

Connection Detail
Connection Detail