Amy Leedham

Amy Leedham

San Francisco, CA, US


Ohlone Park Plus Energy Community

The scheme honors the Ohlone heritage of the site by creating a plus-energy regenerative community. By creating more energy than it uses, restoring the Temescal water-shed, using responsible materials and fostering sustainable lifestyles through urban agriculture and education, Ohlone Park is a beacon for future development in Emeryville and Northern California.
Cooling demand for Oakland is minimal. Additionally, the diurnal swing allows for effective night-time cooling. The project relies on natural ventilation, seasonal shading, thermal mass, ceiling fans and night time cooling to provide comfortable summer temperatures in the residential program. Additionally, the use of passive strategies and adaptive opportunities will increase the comfort band for most residents. The small amount of cooling energy required is for the laundry rooms, library and retail spaces.
The project capitalized on the lack of extreme cold temperatures and relatively high solar radiation in winter by applying passive solar heating principles. A south facing sun-room and a north facing hallway buffer space minimize exposure of the living space thus reducing heating demand. The remaining heating demand is provided through radiant heating and regulated with thermal mass to prevent temperature swings.
Photovoltaic panels on the roof of the housing and the library/retail supplement the 800 mWh/SF annually and even create an estimated extra 110 mWh/SF annually to give back to the grid. Radiant heating and hot water are provided by sewer heat recovery and supplemented by a biogas gassification system that is tied to a ‘living’ blackwater filtration machine housed on-site with the central plant.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Emeryville, CA, US