Amy Leedham

Amy Leedham

San Francisco, CA, US

Amy Leedham recently worked on...

...Ohlone Park, Emeryville

Ohlone Park, Emeryville

Nov 29 '11

...Overshadowing and solar expisure analysis

Overshadowing and solar expisure analysis

Oct 21 '11

...24 Acre masterplan in Mumbai, India!

Oct 12 '11

...Working as a Designer and Sustainable Specialist at EHDD

Oct 7 '11

...Working on an energy creating, lattice sun shade prototype

Sep 13 '11

...Arrive in SF Bay Area Tomorrow! Immediately looking for work!

Aug 14 '11

...Canal side housing in London

Canal side housing in London

Jul 8 '11

...Re-doing some old images for portfolio

Re-doing some old images for portfolio

Jul 7 '11

...Looking for Environmental Designer/analyst position in San Fransisco

Jul 6 '11

...Currently working at tp bennett in London.... just won mixology design practice of the year

Jun 9 '11

...2 freelance loft conversions in the mix!

Jun 7 '11

...starting work on a competition for a mixed-use priect in New Orleans!!

Jun 3 '11