Adam Alter

Adam Alter

Brooklyn, NY, US


Transient Rhythms

Athens Bus Shelter Competition

Athens’ rich musical history spans every genre and generation. It is as if there is a pulse, a rhythm, running through the heart of the town, which generates its allure. When examining rhythm as it relates to form, consider blueberry bushes planted in long, straight rows beside the road. The effect changes depending on how your eyes survey the pattern. Stare straight out the window with relaxed eyes, and your brain connects the repetitive pattern into one row, like a sustained note. Stare deliberately down to the end of the field with your eyes shifting rapidly from row to row, and your brain differentiates each line, creating a staccato rhythm in time with the speed of the car. We wanted to create a similar effect with this bus shelter, such that pedestrians and motorists could perceive rhythm when observing the bus shelter from various speeds, vantage points and distances.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Athens, GA, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: with Catherine Burns & Catie Smith