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Mashkita Resort

Lake Mashkita is a man-made lake set within densely-forested mountain slopes in the region of Latakia, and has been an informal holiday destination for several decades. On a forested site located close to the shore, a luxury mountain resort has been carefully integrated into the natural topography of the site. Local regulations forbid the removal of any trees, for this reason the holiday homes, spa and club facilities have been designed as clusters of lightweight timber structures with minimal foundations, floating like tree houses between the ancient, indigenous pine trees. Careful analysis of the natural topography and vegetation informed the overall masterplan as well as the design of each housing cluster, with luxury housing units designed in groups of 3-5 units and arranged at different heights in section to ensure that all rooms have privacy and the best possible views of the lake and the surrounding mountainside.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Mashkita, SY