London, GB


Energy Plant Leeds

Located in a currently neglected part of Leeds on the cusp of regeneration, this District Energy Plant is intended to provide heating, cooling and power to existing and potential developments in the surrounding urban area. By combining power generation and services provision, and utilising bio-fuels, the Energy Plant will provide significant carbon reduction to its users and thus facilitate the future sustainable development of this part of the city. The architecture of the building seeks to respond to its role and to its particular urban context, whilst meeting the complicated technical requirements and constraints of an industrial building. Modulations of the basic form of the building seek to distort perceptions of its anatomy from key views, whilst the facade is treated as a sculptural surface responding through scale to different experiences of the building by the city’s inhabitants. Shifts in materiality between metal mesh and pigmented concrete are made across this surface to deal with different demands of acoustic enclosure, ventilation and durability, with an emphasis on building in flexibility for the future.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Leeds, GB