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Eastgate Quarter

Eastgate Quarters will be a new quarter in Leeds City Centre that will regenerate a site currently derelict, fragmented and mostly occupied by temporary surface car parking. The masterplan for Eastgate Quarters includes new streets and connections where few previously existed and these new connections together with a variety of individual buildings will allow Eastgate Quarters to become a natural piece of Leeds’ urban fabric. The development is made up of a series of free-standing building blocks designed to integrate with the historic Blomfield Buildings and listed Templar House. Since the 1940s, the view of Eastgate has been characterized by two matching Blomfield ‘bookend’ buildings, one of which is scheduled for demolition to make way for the new Leeds Priority Bus corridor. The creation of a new Eastgate Square allows for the creation of new bookends that will frame Templar House and the new the civic space. The square forms a focal point for the scheme activated by cafes, restaurants and shops as well as new department stores and a Templar Arcade. The new arcade continues a tradition of great 19th century arcades in Leeds, creating an open but covered space with two interior levels. Car parking is provided in a six-story car park located above Templar Arcade, linked to the Marks & Spencers department store, and connected with a glazed bridge to the John Lewis department store.

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Status: Built
Location: Leeds, GB