Yin-Lin Yeh

Yin-Lin Yeh

Jersey City, NJ, US


Urban Filtration

This project is a combination of a series of eco-restoration projects and a
secondary water treatment system. Located in Brooklyn and Jamaica Bay, this
project aims to restore parts of eco system into both the city and the bay by
re-introducing several habitat-building species, while cleaning the water of
the bay, softening the hard, unaccessible water front and arouse public
concern toward the bay.


This project tries to deal several problems in Jamaica bay:
1. Excess nitrogen level.
2. The untreated waste water from combined sewage overflow during storms
3. The Damaged eco-system in the bay
4. Erosion of the land-fills around the bay 

To improve the bay, this project is introducing a additional water treatment
system performed by a series of eco-restoration projects:
1. Fresh-water marshes
2. Salt marshes
3. Oyster reefs

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Status: School Project
Location: Jamaica Bay, New York