Yin-Lin Yeh

Yin-Lin Yeh

Jersey City, NJ, US


Ocean of TW, From NoWhere to NowHere

A government funded research project that went to the 2nd International Architectural Biennale Rotterdam in year 2005, A publication and an interactive installation.

Guest Curator: J.M. Lin Architect.

“The Ocean of TW” is a research project trying to give a full diagnose of disrespectfully treated coastal spaces around Taiwan and the possible spiritual/cultural background behind the strange phenomena. It is really weird that Taiwanese residents treat their coast line that way: Beaches are isolated from towns and full of garbage; Fishing ports are empty with neither boats nor fishes; Nuclear reactors, incinerators, high-ways, military stations, dams and highly polluting factories are all around Taiwanese coast line despite the fact that Taiwan is an island highly dependant on the ocean. unlike other Islanders around the world, Taiwanese treats their ocean like it is ugly and no one wants to go there.

To inquiry into the details of these bizarre phenomena and their cultural cause, we designed a
research process begins from both spacial and spiritual aspects. After these two subjects were
independently developed and came to their own conclusion, we emerged the result and thereby
formed our opinion toward the coastal spaces of Taiwan.

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Status: School Project
My Role: I led the student research team for J.M. Lin and wrote the first Chinese version of all essays in this project.
Additional Credits: Participating in the 2nd International Architectural Biennale Rotterdam: "The Flood", year 2005