Yin-Lin Yeh

Yin-Lin Yeh

Jersey City, NJ, US



*Acupuncture is an alternative medicine treats patients by manipulating needles in human


This project, “Acupuncture,” is an add-on screen system on an existing building facade
that represents the idea of acupuncture where the interior is treated as the body and the
sunlight as needles in the right positions.
Using Stainless Steal, we designed “Acupuncture” sun screen panels with the focus on the
redirection and manipulation of light, the intent is to create a screen that is perceived as both
an ornamental light screen from the street level and functional light texture on the interior.
Through the treatment of the building as a body and the screen as the skin, sunlight is
punctured the screen at strategic relief point to control light within the space. The redirected
light from the punctures will then serve as display lighting for products displayed.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
Additional Credits: 1 to 1 mock-up with stainless steal