Yin-Lin Yeh

Yin-Lin Yeh

Jersey City, NJ, US


A Hundred Schools of Thoughts

“A Hundred Schools of Thoughts” was my design thesis in college, which, is a project
determines to do architecture as an art form and tests its limit in representing philosophic
thoughts. besides transforming different thoughts in philosophy into forms and patterns,
the project is also an exploration into architectural paradigms in ancient Chinese.
“A Hundred Schools if Thoughts” refers to a special period of time in China approximately
from 770~221(B.C.) when the entire China was involved in a non-stop war for over 500 years.
However, despite the political chaos, the era gave birth to almost each and every important
philosophies in China. These philosophies still effect lifestyles in eastern Asia deeply.
According to Chinese history, the thoughts created in this era can be classified into ten
categories includes: 1. Confucianism, 2.Taoism, 3.Mohist Theory, 4.Legalists’ Thoughts,
5.The Art of War, 6.Dialecticians’ Thoughts, 7. Agriculturists’ Thoughts, 8.Naturalists’
Thoughts, 9.Strategists’ Thoughts, 10.Others. In this project, I tried to generate forms and
patterns in representations of these ten thoughts.

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Status: School Project
Location: Taipei, TW