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TOD campaign

Throughout 2016 and 2017, Weston Williamson will be carrying out initiatives around the concept of TOD, involving key influencers from the construction and transport industries as well as the wider built environment. The aim of the TOD campaign is to promote new ways of thinking about sustainable cities and to use this platform to position WW+P’s brand identity in the wider transport-related business areas with huge potential for their core practice in transport. 

The TOD campaign will roll out in the form of breakfast talks and planned or opportunistic media coverage organised by WW+P in and jointly with industry partners. These will be held in London and the regions, throughout 2016 and 2017. The talks will take place on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and will be supplemented by further opportunities offered through third-party industry platforms, for example through professional, academic and industry and government bodies. 

The potential for transport infrastructure to drive regeneration and development opportunities particularly around transport hubs has long been known.  A holistic approach to early stage master planning for a major transport projects is part of the new thinking, through TOD, which has been successfully implemented internationally

Government authorities, transport planners, landowners, investors and operators have come to the realisation that there is hugely under-exploited potential around transport and mass transit facilities, which in turn can be generators of huge added property value.  Transport interchanges play a crucial role in shaping the identity of localities, supporting local business growth, and instilling liveliness into community life; in short, creating better living places which leads to a more significant returns for investors.  Capturing the value of regeneration, property and economic uplift will become increasingly important to ensure infrastructure costs are affordable and sustainable as urban centres drive economic growth and demand more investment.

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