Teo Biocina

Teo Biocina

Los Angeles, CA, US


Tiny House, 2020.

     This tiny home is designed to reside in Los Angeles and the target user is someone who is very much in my position. A person struggling to maintain a below middle class lifestyle who’s income is primarily spent on rent and student loans.  

     The pods interior space is equipped with everything a couple would need to live comfortably. On the first level a kitchen with a mirroring dinning area. The dinning table and chairs would be collapsible and can be stored in space above the refrigerator next to where 2 bicycles can be hung. On the east side of the pod is where you will find the bathroom with a walk-in shower and toilet. 

     At the middle of the north wall you will see a ladder that slides side to side creating a separation on the second level between the living/work area and the sleeping area. By using a ladder in stead of stair I was able to gain more usable floor space. Another ladder is on the north east corner that allows for roof access. On the roof you will find a solar water heater and a green roof that will block most of the heat entering from above. 

     The exterior of the tiny home is paneled with treated plywood sheet in various colors, and on the south side with white horizontal shingle paneling with a mesh grid that will house foliage that will also cool the southern wall and prevent heat from entering the pod. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
My Role: Designer.

Tiny Home