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Rejuve(n)ate Cafe - Kaiser Permanente

The Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center campus
spans five city blocks along Hollywood’s famous Sunset
Boulevard. The campus, a collection of disparate, largely
undistinguished buildings, needed an integrating image. Kaiser
challenged TAYLOR with the task. Following implementation of
an exterior renovation and wayfinding plan to unify the campus,
TAYLOR was asked to design a new staff and visitor cafeteria by
renovating space located between several key Kaiser buildings.
Defining a Destination for Respite. The resultant Rejuve(n)ate
Café project provides an iconic and extremely popular dining and
respite destination that also improves the pedestrian relationship
among a new replacement hospital, a busy medical office
building, and the garage that serves them. The Café’s dramatic
Sunset Boulevard façade is a key piece of the external image,
serving as a visual gateway to the campus.
Prior to the renovation, an enclosed pedestrian corridor had
crossed the Sunset Boulvard side of the space to be renovated.
TAYLOR’s design provides passage directly through the new
Café, exposes a broad view of Sunset and infuses the Café with
the energy of the street and the passers-by. Extensive seating
areas comfortably furnished for dining, relaxing, or meeting in
small groups are gracefully arranged to ease pedestrian traffic
through the space and between adjacent buildings. 
The Rejuve(n)ate Café’s design is clean, modern, and inviting.
Kaiser staff, patients, and visitors enjoy its amenities - the Café is
a huge success as a place to eat and as a welcome retreat.
Program. 400-seat cafeteria; serving stations; exhibition cooking;
high-volume kitchen; storage and dishwashing.

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US