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Patty & George Hoag Cancer Center

Hoag Hospital wanted to redesign its cancer center to create a positive patient experience from the moment patients walked through the door. Based on an analysis of how people used the existing waiting room space on the first floor and how they felt about it, we learned that users did not like nooks and crannies where they might be forgotten, but preferred clear, open spaces that gave them easy access to medical associates. To accommodate those wishes, we removed partitions and rearranged furniture to open up the space. 
On the second floor, which houses a variety of uses, we changed seating types and groupings, and incorporated low planter walls and free-standing barriers to maintain a level of privacy where needed. Because the center would be fully operational during renovation, demolition and architectural changes were kept to a minimum, and much of the work was scheduled at night.
The Patty & George Hoag Cancer Center in Newport Beach offers comprehensive cancer care for the community. Services include Radiation therapy, Infusion Services, Nurse Navigation, Hereditary Counseling, Support Services, Clinical Trials & Research, and Palliative Care.
Program: The renovation included changes to the public spaces such as reception, lobby waiting areas, and corridors, as well as behind-the-scenes spaces like dressing rooms and staff lounges.

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Status: Built
Location: Newport Beach, CA