Serena .Ng

Serena .Ng

Melbourne, AU


The Art Game Vault

The Art Game Vault is a museum, stadium, art compactor and art-tomb, all built in one.

The Game is a ladder based competition where teams made up of artist, curators, and institutions compete in a public competition in a gallery designed to support contemporary art practices but also to facilitate spectacle for spectators – both in person and via media broadcast.

To amplify the emotional engagement of the audience risk and loss and tragedy are built in to the contest. Losing competitors in the first round have their work entombed for one year. In the second round, losing teams have their work entombed for three years, and in the final round the losing team has their work destroyed in a public ceremony – the very same public ceremony in which the winning team is awarded in prize.

Two independent of judges each make a determination at each stage: a team of art experts and a team of lay-people. The ultimate decision is made by coin toss – in a public ceremony.

The Game is replayed each year, and the entombed works are revealed in public de-tombing ceremonies which function as introductory spectacles of each annual iteration of the game.

All team members are paid to compete, and sponsors are afforded highly visible representation in the Game and its surrounds to help raise funds for participant remuneration. 

In this design, the challenge is how to incorporate 7 different typologies of architecture in a building, and each typology is a different function of the building. 

One of the different point of this project is the idea was created and explained by a colorful model diagram , which not look like a real building, but analyze the complex idea ,and many thing happen in one.

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Status: School Project
Location: Melbourne, AU