Serena .Ng

Serena .Ng

Melbourne, AU


Carlton Office Project

One of significant point of this project is creating a technological office building by automatic moving facade.  The building has two skin with the glazing facade inside and steel facade outside. This steel facade has be connected with the signal system on the rooftop of the building by control 3 sides of facade ( East, North, and West). This changing facade is following the moving of the sun in daily to collect the most sunlight in to office spaces . Also,  the plans  of this design  changed direction, created 8 different typical layout, and each layout had a empty part and this empty part became a void of the other floor. The reason for this design is creating a small public community space for each floor and bring a different perspective view for people working in this official building. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Carlton, AU
My Role: Aobo Zhao