Sando B. Thordarson

Sando B. Thordarson

New York, NY, US


WinterGarten Canopy

Done under the Umbrella of the Ribbel Collaborative, the Wintergarten Canopy provides greater year round efficiency and usability to the courtyard housing ty-pology so common in Northern European climates. The plastic faceted membrane can be rolled out in the colder months and folded back into storage with ease. By capturing the heat lost from the glazed interior and exhaust systems of these buildings, an intermediate micro-climatized space creates an amenity for the inhabitants as well as decreasing the heating needs of the building. One can imagine the winter city as a field of these gem like lanterns deployed throughout.AmsterdamBerlin CopenhagenOsloParisexhaust ventilation heat lossexhaust ventilation heat lossglazing heat loss.

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Status: Competition Entry