Renato Conde

Renato Conde

São Paulo, BR


Belgrade Waterfront Art Gallery

This specialist public realm landscape design for the renovation of Geozavod, a heritage listed building in Belgrade. The external works involved the refurbishment of the streetscape immediately outside the building, replacing the pedestrian walkway surface with high quality granite paving units, kerbs and cobbles that enhanced the newly renovated building, providing an elegant arrival to the new sales center for the Belgrade Waterfront development.

The scope included also rationalisation of the right of way adjacent the building addressing the intersection treatment servicing trams and vehicles, creating order and controlled movement. An area of public open space at the opposite side of the street was designed to match the new streetscape anticipating its implementation in a later phase of development.

To the rear of the building, a series of pocket courtyards host the Belgrade Waterfront Art Gallery. The courtyards offer a series of exhibition spaces for freestanding and wall mounted pieces of art available for public viewing. A café with comfortable contemporary outdoor furniture animate the exhibition spaces allowing visitors to appreciate the works of art whilst enjoying refreshments in a contemporary space, sympathetically designed around the historic building.

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Status: Built
Location: Belgrade, CS
My Role: Project Leader
Additional Credits: Place Dynamix.