Raul Martin Saet

Raul Martin Saet

Los Angeles, CA, US


RAF II DShab: Random Access Frame 2 Deep Space Habitat

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RAF II is a research and conceptual development project sponsored by JPL NASA.  RAF II is apart of the early project formulation efforts to eventually develop a real Deep Space Vessel for human exploration of our Solar System.  The requirement was for a 180 day, 4 man mission space module to be incorporated into a larger vehicle.  

The project involved extensive research into problems faced by human occupants of a deep space habitat such as life support systems, deep isolation, supply storage, phased logistics and multi-purpose space, lack of connection to nature, and advanced aerospace construction.  Addressing the inherent problems of space architecture was key in developing the driving concepts of : Live-ability, Spatial Efficiency, and Flexibility.

The project is effectively a composite of elements from many researched space design projects.  The program and spatial configuration barrows from an earlier design of MPLM or Mars Planetary Living module designed by NASA engineers.   The move able equipment rack system barrows from Howe's Random Access Frame project, to give the habitat spatial reconfigurability.  Phased Logistics and the repurposing of CTBs or Cargo Tranfer Bags to be used as Hydroponics containers and Water sack radiation shielding are barrowed from NASA's Logistics to Living Project.  The Result is a rich and quality design space habitat interior that offers architectural design to a typically engineer dominated project.  Concepts of Human comfort in isolation and simulated bio-rhythms were equally important as construct-ability and space making.  

Project Development: 4 months

Program: Habitation Module

Occupancy: 4 Crew

Mission Duration: 180 days

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Orbit
My Role: Project Designer
Additional Credits: Scott Howe (NASA JPL) : Primary Mentor and Project Consultant
Sponsor : NASA