Raul Martin Saet

Raul Martin Saet

Los Angeles, CA, US


DS RIM Hab : Deep Space Robotic Inflatable Membrane Habitat

Designed for the NASA sponsored XHAB Competition,  DS RIM Hab is apart of the early project formulation efforts to eventually develop a real Deep Space Vessel for human exploration of our Solar System.  The requirement was for a 60 day, 4 man mission space module to be incorporated into a larger vehicle.  Constraints, aside from all the constraints of space design and construction, include 20 foot diameter cylinder, 20 feet tall with end domes.  

My proposal focused on the idea of using Inflatable composite membranes  in order to create spaces, and storage areas.  The entire module itself is an inflatable membrane, inspired by Bigalow's Transhab.  The use of inflatable membranes reduced weight, saves cost, and generated a unique soft and rounded Architecture.  Concepts of Human comfort in isolation and simulated bio-rhythms were equally important as construct-ability and space making.  

Project time frame: 5 weeks

Program: Habitation Module

Occupancy: 4 Crew

Mission Duration: 60 days


Included below are also Images of VAST, the group collaboration based in part of the selection of DS RIM Hab, of which I was a lead designer.

Project time frame: 3 weeks

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Orbit
My Role: Project Designer
Additional Credits: Sponsor: NASA