Raul Martin Saet

Raul Martin Saet

Los Angeles, CA, US


MULTI-PAK SYSTEM : Modular Pre-Fab Architecture

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MULTI-PAK is a system of a kit of pre-fabricated modular parts which can be easily deployed and assembled to create adequate and comfortable architectural space almost anywhere.  Designed for Single, Double or Small Family occupancy, the resulting pod-like dwelling is versatile and customize-able.  Due to the 'plug n' play' concept, the assembly configuration can vary according to the wishes of the occupant.  

It employs a number of ideas about compact/deploy-able furniture designs, which are all aimed at pushing the idea of living more with less.  Spatial Efficiency is paramount, but comfort was also an important driver.

The process begins first by deriving of a list of functions of living,  which enabled the generation a list of desired dual purposed furniture elements.  The furniture is categorized and packing into modules.  Modules are clustered into coordinated pairs that share a space to deploy into.

Keeping into perspective the limitations of transportation aboard truck was a critical constraint to the design.

Project time frame: 7 weeks

Square footage: roughly 360 sf.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Anywhere
My Role: Project Designer
Additional Credits: Sponsor: American Pre-Fab Institute
Design Partner: James Gonzales