Matt Lindsay, AIA

Matt Lindsay, AIA

Cleveland, Ohio


Testing, Tutoring, Career Center (2009)

The architecture is organized by a single white surface which moves between disparate programmatic zones, transforming the interstitial circulation into a seamless public space. Localized articulations defined by site constraints and programmatic elements create a variety of spatial effects in the otherwise continuous envelope. Undulations in the surface capture the maximum sectional space within the limits of the existing building structure and mechanical systems. Lounge spaces are defined by a series of integral benches which fold from the surface.

The Testing, Tutoring and Career Center is located within the existing Student Services Building at Cuyahoga Community College’s Eastern Campus. The Center is the first component in a consolidated Student Services Center known as a “One Stop Shop” which seeks to streamline the processes of student enrollment, financial aid, counseling and tutoring support, and career services.

The program called for co-locating the student service departments once dispersed throughout the campus. Divisions between departments were to be maintained, but blended spatially, in an attempt to ease the often cumbersome student service experience. A variety of office, conference, storage, multipurpose seminar, and lounge spaces are incorporated in the project.

In addition to the complexity of the program, the site selected within the Student Services Building provided additional challenges. The “L” shape plan directly connected to the main entrance of the campus lacked the visual or spatial continuity desired in the program. Thus, the constant flow of pedestrian traffic through the space dictated that the new design have a legible and distinguishing image within the context of the existing architecture in order to catch the attention of new and current students requiring assistance.

Additionally, interior partitions are strategically removed or dematerialized with glass walls to create expansive views through spaces providing a literal visual connection between programs. Materials and surfaces throughout are festooned with patterns that enhance the sense of movement in the space.

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Status: Built
Location: Cleveland, OH, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: robert maschke ARCHITECTS inc.