Matt Lindsay, AIA

Matt Lindsay, AIA

Cleveland, Ohio


Cabana, Pool, and Screen (2014)

The owners of a private residence, located on a corner suburban lot in Shaker Heights, Ohio, sought to renovate their existing rear yard. The new Cabana, Pool, and Screen include open spaces suitable for hosting large events while also creating a private enclave within a minimalist garden setting. The property, surrounded by dense, mature trees, secludes the occupants from neighboring properties, setting the mood for a vibrant dynamic space.

The pool, oriented along the east/west axis of the existing residence serves as the central pivot of the complimentary concrete and wood forms which encompass the new spaces. The cabana and screen, are conceived as a singular wood surface engaging the deep end of the pool. The surface is cut, folded, and seamed to create the cabana enclosure and shading devices against the southern light as wells as shelves, and benches for lounging. Constructed of continuous Ipe wood members, the material enhances the singular directionality of the folded surface. A moderate slope across the rear yard and the spoils of the pool excavation offered sectional opportunities to elevate guests and create unique intimate settings. The various levels developed are accessible to guest through a series of ramps and intermediate stairs to provide circulation through and around the wood surface. The terraces are separated by low walls, and voids in the concrete form where natural elements are exposed.

Through the articulation and deployment of a clear project-specific architectural language, the Cabana, Pool, and Screen aims to present a new face that is at once innovative, visually striking, and welcoming to all.

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Status: Built
Location: Shaker Heights, OH, US
My Role: Project Architect / Designer
Additional Credits: robert maschke ARCHITECTS inc.