Matt Lindsay, AIA

Matt Lindsay, AIA

Cleveland, Ohio


La casa dell'Uccello (2011)

La Casa dell'Uccello was commissioned for the Cleveland Botanical Garden and installed on its grounds. The project is conceived as the reinterpretation of the vernacular bird house form through the logic of origami-like folding. This form is articulated as an envelope, a single sheet of perforated stainless steel, which is cut and bent, creating access to an interior space. The vestige of the iconic house facade remains, but is manipulated and multiplied, giving the bird house an abstract, sculptural, and ethereal presence. Careful consideration was taken in developing the sequence of folding in relationship to the direction of the perforated pattern, which work together to heighten the sense of material movement and folding action.

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Status: Built
Location: Cleveland, OH, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: robert maschke ARCHITECTS inc.