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Oslo, NO


Storebrand - Lysaker

Lysaker Park is an exemplary transformation of an outdated building mass into an architectural gem along the E18. The implementation of the exterior and interior spaces combined with the clients core values of having healthy surroundings with natural and sustainable materials, has created a very attractive work environment. With the project Lysaker Park, the client has shown the real-estate industry, that it is possible to create exemplary architecture within the very strict Scandinavian environmental standards.

The building`s location and immediate connection to the highway running through Oslo, has given challenges when it comes to noise and highway pollution. The colt facades are the first of its kind in Norway, and have been installed to give the employees the best possible light, air, and noise-reduced conditions.

The building houses approximately 1500 employees from a Norwegian bank and insurance company. All workstations are situated in a completely open plan environment, allowing a greater flow of information and communication between the different divisions.

Lysaker Park has a wide range of facilities to accommodate the workers. Mentioning; a restaurant, two cafés, a shop, a gallery and state of the art sports facilities.

To live up to the expectations of the name; Lysaker Park, the client put aside substantial funds to create a green lung at the back of the building.  The garden holds a large wooden deck in the environmentally friendly material “Kebony”, a fishpond, and a natural arena set for outdoor arrangements. It also has connection to the restaurant, so the staff can enjoy a nice sunny lunch in the summertime.

The whole scenery is carefully put together by architects, interior architects and landscapers to get the blissful and natural environment the client wanted to give to the area.

The project can now own up to its name and introduce a park facility and office building that is not only open to the employees but also to the public.


1. prize EU- competition 2008
New head office for Storebrand at Lysaker, Oslo, Norway.
Client: Storebrand Eiendom
Architect: LINK arkitektur AS
Size: 55 000 m2

The project won the Cityprize 2010 in Oslo and was nominated to “Statens Byggeskikkspris” (The State’s building award, Norway) 2010.

Contact: LINK Arkitektur Rolf Maurseth, cell: +47 915 68 617, email:

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Status: Built
Location: Oslo, NO
Firm Role: Architect, interior, landscape
Additional Credits: Photographer: Jiri Havran