KUBE Architecture

KUBE Architecture

Washington, DC


Sky Loft

This two-story loft in Dupont Circle was completely transformed into an open space filled with light. The verticality of the existing living/dining area is enhanced with a large opening in the floor above, which was made to feel larger with a frameless transparent glass railing (replacing a previous drywall enclosure). All ancillary rooms (kitchen, bathroom, closets, and staircase) are hidden away to preserve the purity of the primary two-story volume. The kitchen was enlarged for function, and can disappear behind sliding doors. Decorative shelving can also be exposed or hidden away. On the second floor, a line of closets that run the length of the apartment are concealed behind white pivot doors, allowing for a great deal of unexpected storage. The master bathroom is veiled behind large frosted glass panels, which serve as a visual focal point from the living room space below. The central skylight provides natural daylight to every room due to the transparency of the design.

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Status: Built
Location: Washington, DC, US
Firm Role: Architect