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This existing residence is located in the Town of Chevy Chase, MD. The existing house was too small and outdated for our clients, a young family of 5, so the overall goal was to expand the kitchen and family room, and modernize and enlarge the Master Suite. An existing one-story rear addition was removed, and replaced with a modern 2-story addition, including new kitchen and Family Room on the first floor, and expanded Master Suite on the second floor.

The rear wall is almost all glass, creating a new modern façade toward the rear yard, and establishing a seamless indoor/outdoor relationship. This new rear façade creates a modern opposition to the very traditional front façade of the house, and the dining room at the center of the house mediates between the two. Full-glass interior walls frame 2 sides of the dining room, while the original living room arched opening remains at the front. As one moves through the house, it transforms gradually from traditional to modern. Meanwhile, from the street, the house looks almost the same as it did originally, with only hints of the transformation in the slight angled view of the rear addition, and the bright yellow entry door.

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Status: Built
Location: Chevy Chase, MD, US
Firm Role: Architect